How to Set Up a Wedding Buffet Candy Bar

There's something about candy that brings out the kid in all of us. Surprise your guests with a fun candy buffet bar at your reception. Guests of all ages can indulge their sweet tooth and have fun reliving their childhoods. Candy buffets also add a colorful decorative element to your wedding. You can use additional candy as table centerpieces instead of flowers and even send guests home with candy wedding favors.

Wedding buffet candy bar
  • What You Need to Know
  • In addition to plenty of candy varieties to satisfy every sweet tooth, supply a separate container and scoop for each.
  • Stack small candy bags or single-serve containers on the candy display table for your guests to carry their candy choices.

Step 1:
Stock up on candy. Choose candy that coordinates with your wedding colors, such as suckers, lozenges, candy ribbons and candy-coated chocolates. Or select candy that fits with your wedding theme, such as salt water taffy for a beach wedding. Choose your personal favorites, along with some that your fianc? particularly likes. Rather than worrying about a certain amount of candy per guest, think about how much candy you need to make an impressive display. Plan on a large container of half a dozen or more different types of candy. You can always send leftovers home with guests or family.

Step 2:
Find containers for your candy. You'll need glass jars, bowls or even large glass vases, as well as scoops to serve the candy. You can buy colorful plastic or metal scoops at kitchen supply stores, where you also may find glass containers to show off your candy. You can also rent containers from florists or wedding supply companies. Opt for several different sizes and styles of containers to add interest to the buffet.

Step 3:
Decide how your guests will take the candy away from the buffet. You'll need small bags or boxes for your guests to fill with candy. You can order cellophane or paper bags or Chinese takeout boxes printed with your wedding information, or buy plain containers and add preprinted stickers.

Step 4:
Set up the buffet. Drape a table with a white cloth and add a runner in your wedding colors. Arrange your candy-filled containers. Set the containers at different heights. You can stack books, cover them with a cloth and set the containers on them, or buy special stands. Add flowers, balloons or confetti. Arrange the candy boxes or bags in baskets at both ends of the buffet table so that guests can help themselves from either end.

  • Tips & Warnings
  • On the buffet table, display photos of the bride and groom as children. This is especially fun if you can find pictures of them eating candy.
  • Place the wedding cake on a separate table at the reception.
  • Locate the candy buffet table so guests can fill their bags from either side.
Wedding buffet candy bar