Candy Buffets

An array of delectable delights appropriate for any occasion, be it a kiddies party, bridal shower, stork tea, Christening or for a wedding reception.

Each Candy Buffet is individually costed to suit your budgetary requirements and to fulfil your specific needs for the occasion. Ranging from jars of candy at a party instead of the traditional party pack, or transforming a dessert buffet into a whimsical treat, we can realise your vision and convert it into a magical masterpiece that will leave your guests amazed.

There are many options out there to really satisfy that inner-child, sweet tooth craving that we all get once in a while. Guests will notice the creativity, beautiful display and of course get to indulge as well.

This is a perfect way for you to project your personality into a buffet full of treats to make your occasion remembered long after the celebrations are over. So let us help you “sweet-treat” your guests.

Some tips for candy buffets:

  • Put a variety of desserts and candy on your table so guests have an array of flavours to choose from.
  • Make sure you have a nice amount of height and that it's not all flat. You should have three levels so the eyes have a place to go.
  • They can be set either symmetrically or asymmetrically.
  • Place flat platters in the front and the taller vessels in the back.
  • Have lots of scoops.
  • Make sure you setup for replenishing. Have backup platters prepared so that you can easily swap out an item and it will look the same as the item it's replacing.


  • Use a colour scheme that matches your theme: Taking advantage of the colours you’ve already established for your chosen can enhance your candy table’s presence, and bring cohesion to your entire function.
  • Create depth and height in your display: with simple boxes or even phone books, you can sculpt a beautiful landscape on your table. You can wrap the boxes in decorative paper, or even leave them bare and covered with matching linens for a refined, free-flowing cascade.
  • Take advantage of your centerpieces: whether they be flowers, candles, or tiny little goldfish, using an extra centerpiece or two will not only tie into the rest of your function, but it can also add life and freshness to your candy table.
  • Don’t be afraid to use trimmings: details like good quality linens, ribbons, and paper can add nice touches to your overall display.
  • Less is more: trimmings are definitely your friends, but don’t go overboard! Too many space fillers can potentially clutter your table and cause sensory overload!
  • Consider the table: where will it be located? Will there be a nice backdrop or wall behind it for pictures? Or will it be open so people can access it from all sides? Will it even have sides, or will it be round? These are all good questions to ask yourself before deciding on a set-up design.


  • Colour is key: as mentioned before, having a specific colour scheme can really make your table pop. Monochromatic palettes can also be striking and elegant. Make sure to consider different hues and shades – for example, if your colours are red and brown, don’t be afraid of using different shades of reds and pinks. If using primarily dark colours, try to use trimmings in lighter shades to bring energy to your table.
  • Check the weather: Will it be hot or sunny? Will the table be indoors or outdoors? If indoor, will there be AC? If you’re worried about warmth, save the stress and avoid candies that could easily melt (unfortunately this includes most chocolates)!
  • Fruit seasons: if you’re planning to use fresh fruit on your table (e.g. chocolate dipped strawberries), make sure you consider if they are even in season. Strawberries in the winter might not be as sweet as when they’re at their peak in the summer!
  • Not just candy: if you’re open to treats in other forms, consider mini cookies, kettle corn, or spiced nuts as sweet additions. Placing the cake or on the same table can add visual diversity.
  • Be creative: candy isn’t just made to be eaten, but also to play with! Bundle large lollipops together like a bouquet of flowers, or skewer some marshmallows to simulate sosaties – the possibilities are endless.
  • Keep it simple: having a variety of flavours and different types of candy can be satisfying to everyone, but don’t be afraid to go with a specific flavour profile. Whether it be a gummy bear bar or a chocolate truffle tribute, your guests will definitely enjoy the sugar rush!
  • Don’t buy too much! It’s easy to worry about not having enough for everyone, but if you’re planning to include a meal and cake in your function, guests probably won’t be stuffing themselves with extra sugar. A small portion of ½ cup or less is a good estimate per person. If you want to buy in bulk for a visual effect, save large containers for popular candies so you won’t have too many leftovers.

Containers and Supplies

  • More than jars: apothecary jars and similar containers tend to be the standard, but don’t miss out on other shapes and sizes you can find elsewhere! Vases are fabulously inexpensive alternatives, and are easy to find. If you’re going for opaque containers, small pails can give a rustic vibe, and wicker baskets can be cute and lighthearted. Don’t be afraid to use cake stands, flat platters, and other serving ware to give your guests a variety of ways to choose their sweets!
  • Scoops and things: when choosing containers, make sure you keep in mind how your guests are going to get the candy out! Scoops, tongs, and other serving ware should be small enough to get the goods!
  • Individual containers: if your table is set up as a DIY favour station, little bags or mini boxes can be great take-homes. Dress them up with a little label and ribbon and your guests have a tasty treat for later. Small, clear plastic cups or even napkins are also cheap ideas if you prefer the candy to be eaten on the spot.